About Me

Drew01There’s a thread running through my diverse portfolio: no matter the medium, I produce in-depth, accurate, and creative research-based stories.

I began my career in Chicago as an investigative reporter with The Better Government Association.  I then moved into developing and researching television documentaries with international production companies in Chicago and Washington DC. Throughout my career, I’ve continued freelance writing and reporting, covering politics, crime, culture, history, literature, and current affairs in print, television and radio.

With each new project, I’ve gained the essential storytelling skills- attention to detail, a nose for the telling moment, timeliness, devotion to audience and flexibility- that allow me to work in a variety of mediums.  I’ve contributed to investigative reporting projects with partners such as the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, CBS Evening News, Fox News Chicago, CBS’ 48 Hours and ABC 20/20; guided research for nearly 200 factual television programs on The History Channel, National Geographic, Court TV, Discovery and PBS; led a production team in brainstorming, writing and pitching over 100 original television ideas; written feature stories for the New York Times, Chicago magazine, Valley Advocate and International Herald Tribune; and interviewed writers for the public radio program Writer’s Voice.

I am now taking my storytelling in a new direction.  Along with my creative partners, photographer Jörg Colberg and filmmaker John King, I am embarking on a year-long, multimedia project to examine the impact of economic inequality on American communities called, “The Mass Divide.”  I produce, write and host a monthly public radio show on WMUA as part of the series.  I also co-produce a multimedia website, www.themassdivide.org, that combines radio, photography and film to explore  the issue of economic inequality.

I live in western Massachusetts with my wife and a lot of spider plants.